Landštejn castle

In a cooperation with National heritage institute of the Czech republic, we finished one of the biggest Czech castle - Landštejn. Our 3D engine has two new great features. Points of interest, with texts written down directly by a castle warden and new ability to display how castle looked in the past.

Landštejn castle was built on an edge of 12th and 13th century in a Romanesque style. We dont know who actually build it. It could have been Austria's duke or Czech king. First well known owner are Vítkovci - Czech noble clan, one of the most powerful clans in Czech kingdom, from the year 1282. In 1381 Czech king Václav IV. gave the castle to the noble clan of Krajířů z Krajku. They made a lot of changes, in Gothic style, as well in Renaissance style. In the year 1771 the castle was hit by a lightning and burned down. After that it became a ruin and have never been repaired.


3D Scanning/modeling and software implementation
Krosapp Imagery

Annotation / Points of interest
NPÚ - Castle manager Mgr. Eliška Niederová

3D Artist
Filip Štorch